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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  August 31, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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2-1. what's byron doing in there, writing in his mem wars? >> bob: working hard in there. >> rob: 2-1 take right here is low and outside. that one looked like it came back out across the plate.   . >> bob: rob has problems wi that pitch and he did a great job of laying off to fill the count. thanks for staying up late with us on masn2 tonight. we have had the baltimore yankee audience join us. thanks for being with us. it's a 2-1 game. >> rob: put another pot of coffee on and join us until the wee hours of the morning. 
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 >> bob: 3-2 and he walked h will nieves just conld a bullet going through the zone. >> rob: i think he stole one right here. there is the plate. no, no, he -- >> bob: kept the hands out in front of the bat.   . >> rob: notice my drawing hasn't improved with three days off. >> bob: good pitcher in his own right. buddy black, dar recollection balancesly. livan hernandez, along with elijah dukes hitting the hardest balls tonight.   . >> rob: pat and live an just had a meeting while they were meeting on the mound. when you least expect it watch out for the suicide squeeze. >> bob: well there is a fast runner at third. >> rob: and you know there is a man up there that can handle the bat. >> bob: jim riggleman has
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called the suicide squeeze three times. only once successful. that was with nyjer morgan. >> rob: one bunted, one went after the ball. >> bob: yeah he went after it, just missed it. runner not coming. it's a safety squeeze. and they get the man home and they get the double play.   if they would have called t suicide a run would have scored. but it turns into a 1-2-3 double play.   well on the by the catcher hundley. he company... it was a perfect fit. find out more at aflac!... what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth.
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 . >> bob: well the nationals tried what we call a safety squeeze. normally that would be a ball down either line, but they bunted the ball right at the pitcher and they turned it into a one-two-three killing there. >> rob: the only problem is you don't have a very good elijah dukes. hundley jumps out and throws him out. very alert play throwing out livan hernandez, livan hernandez is going to try to make contact and try to put the ball in play. so right there great play by stover 6 stauffer by the way. comes in, bear-hands it, they practice that a lot. called pitcher's fielding practice, worked beautifully for stauffer. >> bob: will venable leads off, bottom of four for the padres
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who lead 4-1. livan hernandez averaging right around 13 pitches per inning.   he had a long first frame, pretty economical since, and venable drew a walk when he pitched around him a double play that salazar hit into. fastball just misses.   livan career, 154 wins, 147 losses. got a no decision in that game in chicago. that's a great pitch at the knees and with mike winters behind the plate tonight, boys, if it's close you better be hacking. >> rob: you better be swinging. well that's all we ask for is be consistent, mike, and mike winters is consistent. just off the plate, a hair, but that's a strike. you better be swinging boys.
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  . >> bob: salazar hit sharply into a 67-4-3 last time. in case you missed it one game of importance earlier this evening at florida the braves got a good performance from ken she cam i kawasaki with a, the marlins are back and the marlins go to 8 1/2.   that's a swing-back fastball  for a strike. >> rob: he set that pitch up, that unbelievable 69 miles per hour breaking ball that he threw in there for the first strike.   . >> bob: there was another one had him reaching. alberto gonzalez throws high and adam dunn pulls it in.   we have aflac trivia. mr. trivia himself, rob dibble, is back with us.
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  sometime tonight.    first padre to win a gold glo award. was it ozzie smith, nate coburn, a big first baseman, dave winfield. >> rob: rupert jones. >> bob: or randy jones, the reliever. >> rob: it is randy. >> bob: i'm not sure ozzie, i'm not sure if he won one before he left here for st. louis or not. >> rob: didn't ozzie win a gold glove too? >> bob: to me the least obvious of the four would be nate colbert. he once hit 5 home runs in a doubleheader for the padres. >> rob: okay. number 35 was? >> bob: jones, right. >> rob: i have no idea.
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>> bob: livan hernandez has retired nine in a row, top of the order, willie harris, in the middle innings. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)p,
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 . >> bob: petco park in san diego, 2-run ball game, harris, orr and zimmerman for the nationals. we want to pay it off quickly. we don't want you to have to wait too long. who got that first gold glove
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as a padre. it was dave winfield.   oh, man. jerry coleman, the hall of fame announcer for the padres, said one of the greatest calms i've ever heard on a ball hit to dave winfield. he says there is a drive to left field, winfield goes back back back, he hits his head against the wall, it's rolling back toward the infield.   dave winfield was not decapitated, he was talking about the baseball. you could hang a star on that year when dave winfield, as jerry would say, won a gold glove, the first padre. that's a great question. they fooled us. >> rob: by the way, jerry coleman an amazing american, fought in two different wars, as did ted williams. >> bob: player, manager, broadcaster. willieie harris, david eckstein grabs it out of the air.
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>> rob: they have got ann eckstein there. the first of 2, 4, 6, 7 gold gloves for hall of famer dave winfield. there you see eckstein getting up. robbing harris of a base hit.   . >> bob: theodore for a 1-2 hi over his head last time. that little guy who stands about 5'9", plays very tall.   . >> rob: over 21 seasons in th major leagues, dave winfield made 95 errors.   in 5236 chances.    .982 fielding percentage. >> bob: and i remember when whitey her swrog traded gary
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stem templeton for the shortstop named smith. he was an all-star who had came up through the st. louis organization, then ozzie schmidt went over there from here, and anchored three world series teams. and is in the hall of fame. he jacks one way upstairs, way foul. >> rob: first big league hit i gave up was to, he was a padre. >> bob: curt ba vac wah. who were we just talking about. ozzie? >> rob: gary templeton. >> rob: big switch hitting shortstop. ryan zimmerman has taken this pitcher deep this year. >> bob: and then he brought the rain.   . >> bob: that was the saturd night game, a two-run shot by
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zimmerman after a nyjer morgan triple in the bottom of the first. adam dunn hit a grand slam in the second, the runs kept coming, three in the sixth, three in the eighth, the nats hammered the pads 13-1. that was a three-hour and 10 mint rain delay.   . >> rob: we waited them out. >> bob: waded. >> rob: waited. wish we could do that to every team. upon bob ryan zimmerman a strike out and pop up to second tonight.   the former richmond spider doing well so far. stauffer 27 years of age, born in portland, maine, went to
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skew school in new york at saratoga central catholic upstate. onto the university of richmond and last year he missed the entire season after surgery for a torn labrum. >> rob: i love maine in the winter. 3-1. you haven't seen scenery until you've taken a fall foliage tour through new england.   zimmerman rips one to left center. they are playing him the other way. ryan is thinking about two. he is goin'. >> rob: he is goin'. >> bob: and he is safe. he gets around the tag of david eckstein. in fact, he hit, chris diel letter signaled him safe bunch ryan did. he is there with two outs.
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great hustle. >> rob: well, why not. if you think you can make it. go for it. never get angry with a guy for trying to hustle or hustling. gwynn, right there, comes up throwing, nice one-hopper, to the other side of the bag. look at that feet-first slide. watch zimmerman go to the other side of the bag. he does a hook slide around eckstein. so a nice job by eckstein, gets a double. more importantly getting in scoring position for hoss, your number 4 hitter, adam dunn. >> bob: he'll tap one to the right side, gonzalez to the pitcher, nats are gone.   adam dunn 0-3. the nats hav stranded six already. it's... no, not yet. it back that way. it's on.
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for the new 510-horsepower jaguar xkr and xfr. beautiful look at downtown san diego on a monday evening, the last night of august. the nationals 14-14 this month, we have geico highlights for you. a lot of it revolving around pitching and another low scoring game. >> rob: livan is changing speeds beautifully. he helps his own cause with the nationals and a base hit right here. moves over to second on a passed ball and then on a pete orr jam single he shows brilliant speed for a 34-year- old. >> bob: he was motoring. gwynn, stauffer and cabrera. >> rob: is that about a 6- horsepower lawnmower. >> bob: there is a lot of horsepower there. tony gwynn jr. struck out swinging on a big hook first
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time up.   pitcher starting, then stopping.    tony gwynn traded over here outfielder jody garrett back on may 21st. he only hit a buck 90 in 29 games in milwaukee last year. .275 in 93 games at aaa at that time nashville. outstanding athlete. he acknowledges he would be playing hoops if he wasn't a baseball player. and his dad tony was a point guard at san diego state. tony still holds some of the point guard-type records for the alabama text on the hard court.   .
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>> rob: livan throwing off right base side leading off the rubber, then throws it away on him. he has got basically a half a foot in the rubber. he will come around and spin towards home plate. he repeats his delivery brilliantly. that fastball right in on his hands, easy play, adam dunn. >> rob: really has all his stuff working tonight, bob, meaning his fastball taps out at 87 miles per hour and his breaking ball has been as slow as 63. >> bob: you can secure seats for next year as a season ticket holder guaranteed seating, savings over single seating, access to exclusive events and a whole lot more. become a citizen of nats town today. go to or call. 
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 the pitcher is up there, stauffer sacrificed first time up. >> rob: i was talking about him, he has four big pitches instead of three.   . >> bob: two quick outs, bounc to short. he was so good in college he really only needed two pitches to go with his fastballs, two- seam, four-seam, and basically a slider or slufer, he throws it so hard, big slider, big change-up, repete's his delivery well. eight ground ball outs for forlily von hernandez.
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  cabrera is a young man with lots of speed, one base hit, 20 stolen bases. but i know the padres would like to see him start sliding feet-first into some of his bags. he is another sort of reckless head first slider when he gets on the bases.   . >> rob: well i don't know i would call nigeriaer's stuff reckless, he is so slight, not the biggest cat in the world, and he flies so fast that -- >> bob: and he starts that slide pretty late. remember how he always hangs on with his back foot? >> rob: goes over the bag, sometimes with his back foot. that time he jam his left hand in there and broke it. >> bob: 2-2. . >> rob: talk about my rhythm. nyjer never comes from that point stand. >> bob: oh, it will be good to
11:22 pm
see him. >> rob: also getting him back. there you see bob boone. senior manager of player development. five strikeouts, five innings, 2-1, josh willingham leads off coming back. willingham, dukes and gonzalez coming up in the sixth. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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 . >> bob: onto the top of the sixth inning, in san diego's petco park. mike rizzo with mr. boone, bob boone, and again a chronicle of what he has done. the closer, the exciting center fielder, a good left-handed reliever, nick johnson, about to go out on a rehab by the way with a bad hamstring. the signing of mr. strasburg. then bringing inly von and lee belliard to the dodgers. a litany of effective transactions for mike rizzo so far. >> the scout i was talking to go is within of our washington national scouts, mark bach ca.   . >> bob: a good part of the brain trust is here together. >> rob: yes they are. >> bob: some of the menu don't get to see. moose constitutionalling is an interesting guy, a long-time basketball official. then a long-time coach on the field with the then california angels. that's moose in the greene
11:25 pm
shirt. >> rob: that's mark back a, whose son will be activate by hhe astros tomorrow. >> bob: nice. but these are men of great experience and long-time basell guys. kouzmanoff, very steady at all year, out willingham. >> rob: now moose constitutionalling, is he related to cap table stabbing of the love boat. >> >> bob: i don't think so. he is a great guy, a lava mint. but he used to dabble, baskball games in the west. elijah dukes. he was 2 for 3 and he has oú oñ ye sixth inning. came into this frame with 757 yvohernandez has only thrown 63 in his five innings so these three are hooking up well tonight. >> rob: okay batter.
11:26 pm
pay back time. he hit you in the chest last time. what are you going to do. >> bob: stay and line one right through the box. >> rob: you see howly von shades his eyebrow there on the left side. you don't notice things that i do. see this right there? so i used to put those in my side of my head. that was the inthing. remember vanilla ice? >> bob: to do what. >> rob: we used to have some of the african-american guys with the sheers would sheer the lines in our heads. >> bob: i gotcha. >> bob: we thought we were cooler than vanilla ice. so many things in this game i had no clue about until i worked with4ó.,% >> rob: thank you. hanks for the great shot ofly
11:27 pm
von. >> that's the best eyebrow shot i've ever seen, guys. three in a row for stauffer. he is cruising. 2-1 padres, livo back to work.
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>> bob: time to bring you up to speed with the at&t rapid re- wind. it's all about pitching tonight and a little flare for an r.b.i. here and there. 
11:29 pm
 at&t the nation's fastest 3 network, your world delivered. david eckstein, adrian gonzalez and kevin kouzmanoff, bottom 6. live on hernandez gets another ground ball. gonzalez gets behind it, fires, nine ground outs and 13 in a row retired piely von hernandez. two players with power coming up. >> rob: he'll be working with bernadina and scott olsen to get ready for the instructional league down in viera and go down to the arizona fall league.   fonz 0-2, a ground ball to second. he has been nibbling at those knees and getting strikes all
11:30 pm
night. >> rob: well, and the one thing that will keep live on hernandez around is that slow breaking stuff because even if he loses the fastball down to 83 he can still stop the schusser ball at 63, 65, which is almost a 20 miles per hour differential. still hard to hit. i mean paul byrd, if you watched him pitch for the red sox the other day who didn't want to pitch the first four months of the season he pitched beautifully. >> bob: well there is a guy in philadelphia in his mid-40s still changing speeds. >> rob: i thought davey lopes. yeah. jamie moyer is fantastic. and pedro martinez, a little bit younger, is doin' exactly the same thing. brad penny was picked up by the, cleared waiferls, picked up boo eye the san francisco
11:31 pm
giants. signed at about 10:30, 7:30 on the west coast here. but 10:38 i think was eastern standard time with the giants so they get another arm for their push as they swept the rockies over the weekend. it ties them in the wildcard standings. going to be interesting. they play each other an awful lot. >> bob: that ball not hit very hard. it droops in for elijah dukes.   colorado picked a tough time  lose five in a row. the rockies and giants lead atlanta by four and florida by four. >> rob: another really good pitch by leave on. if you're an outfielder you don't want to take that first temperature in because if it isn't hit soft it will go right over your head. better to play it into a single instead of a double or a triple. >> bob: 69 home runs standing
11:32 pm
right there between those two big fellas. this guy has hit 16. r.b.i. double. 77 ribs to tie gonzalez for the san diego lead. >> rob: last time we saw him, scuffling, hitting about 250 something. >> bob: yeah. >> rob: the only protection is kevin kouzmanoff. 66 r.b.i.s. here the -- >> bob: when they came to d.c. he was hitting .248, kouzmanoff, .242. and they started tonight at 242 and 257. as i mentioned, the padres seem to like hitting on the road bore than they do in this ball park. they really came on with the bats in this road trip hitting nearly .300. >> rob: would you like hitting here? >> bob: no. >> rob: this is like the grand canyon of ball parks. >> bob: double play ball, zimmerman to orr and the nats
11:33 pm
go right around the horizon and turn their second of the night. live hernandez now has seven ground ball outs tonight. the top of the seventh rolls around. if they leave him in there. eed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. eed of 590 mph... nothing's gonna hold you down. liven liven bags fly fre on southwest so our low fares stay low. grab your bag . it's on™ ( ding ) book now at we've got a ton of stuff we've gotta pay for. and a few things we want to pay for. on top of it all, we're still trying to put away some money for the future. with the wish list, we can save up for anything we want. and still have enough to cover the day-t0-day. plus, the savings engine helps our money grow. live an and thetng
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  petco park in san diego, beautiful evening for baseball, 74 at game time, and a well- pitched game. 2-1, padres haven't scored since the second. our copyrighted telecast presented by authority of the washington nationals. may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and the accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the washington nationals. you would love to see will nieves get aboard here and let livan bunt. stauffer 84th pitch of the nights, nieves on a pitch he should lay off of takes it for a ball. stauffer having a good night, one run on five hits. walked two, hit one, but the nats have stranded 600ers. a lot like the st. louis series. they just were not able to get that big two-out hit on several oh days its. >> he is doing exactly what
11:36 pm
livening hernandez is doing. hitters don't like that. they want you to challenge them. 92, 93, bring the heat. they don't like when you're manipulating the strike zone with off speed stuff. andnd you got two pitchers going for their first wins here at petco. this is the battle for the ages. >> bob: will nieves. batting for the ages. i like it. >> rob: who will win their first game ever at petco. 1-1 pitch, nice moving, two- seamer. >> bob: will nieves and a fair ball in into the right field corner. well played over there by venable. a good throw gets him out at second.   he played it perfectly in the corner, and venable throws a laser to retire the nats catcher.   . >> rob: well, will smokes thi
11:37 pm
down the right field line too hard, gets over the mound, gets good bounce. right to venable. he gets up. strong throw, we'll get it to second base right there. as the ball is waiting for him.    . >> bob: that hurts with a good- sitting pitcher coming up.   sick will, 9-6 on the assist and the put-out. livan today in a double play bunt. >> rob: we have been getting on him all year about not making the defense make perfect throws. that was perfectly thrown ball by venable. not many times you saw how the ball got by elijah dukes early in the ball game which cost a run. >> bob: that play in the corner is the one time it really helps to have a left-handed throwing right fielder which is a little rare like brad hawpe in colorado and this guy here. >> rob: then maybe the report on venable is he doesn't have a great throwing arm, i don't
11:38 pm
know, but obviously he proved everybody wrong, but never get on guys for hustling, will nieves trying to get in scoring position here and venable a great strike right there and guns him down. >> bob: and then hernandez walks. livan on base for the second time. >> rob: trying to manufacture another run. . >> bob: third walk by stauffer and two of them have come to the numbers 8 and 9 hitters. >> rob: bud black got the lead. stauffer walking the pitcher. >> bob: that's a good baseball man there, very good pitcher in his own right in kansas city. long time on mike scioscia satisfies staff. throwing is adam russell for the padres.   here is willie harris. 0-2 with a walk. >> rob: oh yeah. >> bob: willie hooks one right
11:39 pm
into the dugout. these are unusual denver nuggets here, about the shortest once in baseball. so they have another bench in front of the main bench. so the team is kind of, some of them stand on the rail, then they sit there on the second bench and there's another one way up under. >> rob: supposed to be like a dog kennel or something? like i don't understand the layout but there is no screens in front of that and that one went right into the dugout and rattled around.   wide open going through tho stairs, and what is it, about 0 feet from hope plate, 40 feet? >> bob: seems close. >> rob: does seem very close. >> bob: willie harris drives one in the field. taking off is salazar. that ball really carrying. way up against the scoreboard. livan has to go all the way back to first. he was beyond second base.
11:40 pm
and a fantastic play by the injured oscar salazar.   i can't believe how far wil harris hit that ball the other way. that's a home run just about anywhere but here.   i think willie thought he had home run.   no padding there because he is right, it's like a cyclone fence right in front of that scoreboard. >> rob: i think he turned his ankle on that play.   willie harris, a swing like that comes at night in san diego, maybe the only place in baseball where that's not a home run. 
11:41 pm
 . >> rob: they are working on h knee. probably jammed his knee.   looking at his knee right there, that's good, because i thought it was his ankle and a sprain or something. but a snow cone catch. slams into the wall. i think the knee hit, don't you think those are like lights in the wall. >> bob: from what i saw in the replay there is a cyclone fence. >> rob: you can see that knee going into the ball. >> bob: so that's no padding. that's the only thing we don't like about these on the field scoreboards, there is no padding for the outfielders. and, now, it looks like drew ma see as will come out and replace salazar. 
11:42 pm
 that's a great play.  [ applause ] . >> rob: great catch are by salazar, snow cones it, slammed that left knee right into that fence. jim riggleman has been in a
11:43 pm
pretty heated discussion with mike winters, the whole time that in has been transpiring on the field. i wonder what they were jawing about? . >> bob: tough break for the nats. livan still at first base, two outs, pete orr coming up. livan hernandez was beyond second base when that play was made and he had to make sure he touched the bag on his 100-foot journey back to first. that's about 380 feet to that scoreboard where that ball was caught. >> rob: they have made two amazing plays tonight. sure doubles and maybe triples. >> bob: the one by venable.
11:44 pm
the throw earlier by venable. >> rob: three plays. right. >> bob: if venable doesn't throw out nieves at second he goes to third and that fly ball drives him home. they only have one left-hander joe thatcher, he joins adam russell. and a count of 1-1 on pete orr, 1 of 3 with the nats only r.b.i. tonight.   [ cheering and applause ] . >> rob: a pretty detent crowd for a monday night. >> bob: almost 20,000, 19,867. . >> rob: yeah. >> bob: pete orr slaps one to left and a base hit. that will get livan hernandez to second base and get ryan zimmerman to the plate and pete orr has another two-hit game.
11:45 pm
since coming up last week he is now 8 for 15.   two defensive plays the padre have made in this inning have kept this from being a big inning for the nats. and it looks like bud black will call on the right-hander, adam russell, with ryan zimmerman coming in. russell 3.38 e.r.a. and a good night for stauffer. speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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 . >> bob: welcome back to pet park in san diego. top of the seventh inning, the nationals are threatening to score here, two on, two out. you can follow your nats on your eye. iphone, your ipod touch, 2009 featuring play-by-play highlights and live audio. stop by to purchase from your iphone or your ipod touch. right-hander adam russell recalled from portland on august 25th. he is one of the guys they got in the jake peavy deal and he made hetion padres debut just days ago at atlanta.
11:48 pm
and a big spot here, game situation, for ryan zimmerman who doubled his last time up. fastball right in there, a real side arm screamer, 93.   . >> rob: a big young man, 6' 250. >> bob: too early to get a read on him. and another fastball. that one right to the outside corner.   . >> rob: my scouting report four-seam 90 to 95, two-seam 90 to 93 slider curve, change. let's see him throw two for strikes and we'll give him five for the 26th round pick. >> bob: and the 0-2. 
11:49 pm
 this is cheese on the knees the black. >> bob: three pretty good fastballs. >> rob: it was a good pitch but a ball. >> bob: way outside with a hook. >> rob: that's the old sidewinder sweeper. for   the old 2-2 count. two on, two out. zimmerman, that one was really running up and in on him. most runs allowed with two outs, ouch, ouch. washington/san diego. the yankees, of course milwaukee has had all kinds of pitching problems this year.   having a hard time closing ou
11:50 pm
innings. >> rob: yeah, closing it out, putting people away. >> bob: breaking ball, 3-2, this helps because the runners will be moving. >> rob: i have seen nothing but fastballs. as you said, everybody is running. i would love to see ryan zimmerman take that 96 into the right center field gap where it's just huge cavernous hole out there. >> bob: the right-handed pitcher ready for andy dunn. zimmerman and a one-hopper to short. it will take the long throw to first and the nats will get him. a two-out r.b.i. hit on this road trip lately. it's... no, not yet. it back that way. it's on.
11:51 pm
( ding ) book now at  >> bob: nationals baseball masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip on
11:52 pm try a refreshing 32-ounce mickey d sweet tea. i'm loving it at mcdonalds. >> rob: move to the bottom of the seventh inning, 2-1 padres, next game for the washington nationals is tomorrow, 10:00, on masn2.    it's jd martin, 3-# with a 4. earned run average. they start against clayton richards of the san diego padres, 3-1 with a 5.2 e.r.a. acquired in the jake peavy deal. begins at 9:30 p.m. hosted by johnny holiday and phil woods.   . >> bob: livan hernandez out f his seventh inning '06 work. averaging 12 pitches per frame, 72 pitches, 42 strikes. an outstanding performance, can't get much run support.
11:53 pm
he has been on base himself a couple of times. he just has to cape it close and hope the big boys can break through.   help need to in the eighth inning because if you don't you're looking at heath bell.   and for anybody to have 31 saves with a last place ball club that's pretty strong. that guy can bring it. looks like a closer, doesn't he. >> rob: yes he does. allow them to let future hall of famer trevor hoffman leave this year and go to the milwaukee brewers as a free agent. >> bob: will venable two good defensive place. he took one step and froze right there >> rob: sometimes you hit those at 'em balls and they are right at people. 30 saves for a team under .500,
11:54 pm
has 56 wins, so he has saved more than 5% of their victories. >> bob: 55% of the saves done by that man. >> rob: i love when you get the calculator out. >> bob: i knew that. >> rob: i know ray was doing the math when i wasn't here. that's not my strong suit. livan just misses the corner 1- 1.   . >> rob: another thing i love about livan hernandez, you never see this guy panic. he is a cool customer whether he is up or down, and to this point, those two runs he gave up in the first inning was all
11:55 pm
that he has allowed the padres.   . >> bob: that squirts off th end of the bat, over to zimmerman, turns and fires, adam dunn picks another one. >> bob: adamn dunn has picked two out of the dirt tonight. >> rob: a que shot, you see the 360 by ryan zimmerman in the dirt and the big hoss from test takes it over there, adam dunn, he continues to get better defensively. picked a couple out of the dirt tonight to save some throwing errors.   . >> bob: hundley the batter wi two outs, bases empty. out to center. they might as well put tomorrow stones out there for fly balls. that's where they go to die. and another one-two-three. livan has retired 16 of the
11:56 pm
last 17. 
11:57 pm
 . >> bob: here is our game summary with a contest moving into the top of the eighth. 2-1 padres. pete orr has the only nats run back in the third, brings in livening hernandez, a single. got his r.b.i. double in the first, followed by kouzmanoff, livan hernandez on both sides of the ball has been fantastic tonight. >> rob: well, bob, the reason
11:58 pm
the score is still 2-1 is the padres are playing great defense against the washington nationals. venable comes up throwing with the perfect strike. looks like a double. not. then willie harris washes the ball up the field and salazar goes back, slams his knee into the wall, will have to leave the game, an amazing over the shoulder catch so great defense.   saving the day for the padr so far.   >> bob: left-hander joe thatcher for the padres. atam dunn, couple of looking strikeouts, an easy ground ball. nationalsls need a big swing from him. and thatcher one of the most
11:59 pm
effective relievers in baseball, you may not have heard of this year, only 11.8% of his have sc and that's d best  bal÷strike. and dunn goes left field y. it's ouof play.   . >> robyou that about salazar. >> bob: day-to-day, left knee, bruised,. >> rob: we're all day-to-day. left knee. you have a chance to build a autiful new ball park and you put a steal fence instead a padded wal   . >> bob:
12:00 am
rob: back east. >> bob: try to remember the kind of september. buddy black going situational on us. another pitcher coming in with the power of willingham. next.
12:01 am
12:02 am
 . >> bob: i know sometimes it frustrating when you can't get that big hit but in three of the last four games they have played in st. louis and out here in san diego, low scoring well pitched games the way they played this game. >> rob: absolutely. it's been a well-pitched game. he has thrown a gem, his bullpen is in trying to finish it out for him. livan hernandez went through seven innings, gave up two early runs, 6 shutout innings, scored our only run. he is a fun guy to watch and i think he is a perfect example for our young pitching staff to kind of emulate. bont line is now you have got to get another run here to scratch out the tie if we're going to go to extra innings or get a couple of runs off that you're bullpen to try to scratch out a win and back on the board after being swept in st. louis. >> bob: josh willingham, 0-3, a couple of grounders for strikeouts.
12:03 am
josh willing him 1 for his last 17.   . >> rob: and, bob, these are t kind of games your offense candidate score seven every night but when livan hernandez can match the padres pitcher when he is throwing a gem that's the way baseball is supposed to be played.   . >> bob: nasty slider, willingham gone.   we mentioned justin maxwell is back with the ball club, byron kerr, and good to see the tall rangy outfielder back in the big leagues. ryan ryan and good news, justin maxwell will lead off and play with him. he is so excited, "eh i used to live here in san diego," well i don't remember, i was just a baby. okay, thanks.
12:04 am
>> bob: by the way, justin's lovely lady lauren is celebrating a birthday today. congratulations to her.   this san diego bullpen looking like it did when they had trevor hoffman out here.   here is j max back in the big leagues. i'll be interested to watch him tomorrow. he told me he has really closed up his batting stance and he has been trying to make more contact. i'll tell you, nowhere near, one-two-three in the eighth, the padres lead 2-1 and they are not pitching like a last- place team tonight. of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags?
12:05 am
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12:06 am
as they may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals.  . >> bob: onto the bottom of eighth at petco park in san diego. padres 2, nationals 1, bullpen for san diego now matching livan hernandez. and here is what's ahead on "nats xtra" postgame presented by verizon fios with johnny and phil. livan is still out there. they'll have more to break down than just seven innings. from the farm, always exciting to see what is going on over there young kids, jd martin goes tomorrow against clayton richie. he leads off, chase heated leon deck with the padres. he'll be hitting for gregerson. 
12:07 am
 livan still moving that ball away from the left-handed batters here in the eighth inning. byby the way, hernandez threw seven, 80 pitches, 47 strikes.   he has given the nationals anything they could have hoped for in his first two starts. quality strike. >> rob: he is a baseball player, loves to play, smiling, having fun.   good, great, very good and solid at every if a set of the game. sean burnett as you saw warming, here is a curve ball, waiting, waiting. 
12:08 am
 talked to a couple of padres around the cage about facing livan. i heard the term "letting the letting the ball travel as a hitter, in the air for willie harrison, that's 17 of the last 18 by the nats right-hander. >> rob: does that like counting, about a 60 miles per hour easy pitch. and all he has to do is throw it straight up in the air and needs it to top out to center field. so however you get people out at this level it does not matter but just get them out. here is a huge change-up, actually starting it over, that wasn't even a curve ball. >> bob: swing and a drive straight up. here is chase headley, 25-year- old outfielder.
12:09 am
  . >> rob: but it's knowing your limitations and having an ego in which to use your limitations.   and i think barry zito has finally figured it out out in oakland -- not oakland, san francisco, excuse me. doesn't throw 90 any more, throws about 80, 85, now he is starting to win. and possibly help the giants get to the playoffs. >> bob: that ball is really hit to right. way out here.   for the first time the nationals starter gives up a late-game pinch hit home run. khalil greene the pitch hitter and chase headley here. 3-1 now. >> rob: headley saw the pitch and he did one right there, not
12:10 am
an overpowering pitch. so he was waiting all night for his chance to swiping the bat and he made all of it. >> bob: padres seventh pinch hit homer of the year. zimmerman can't handle it. that will be a base hit all the way.    second bunt hit of the night for cabrera. eckstein next.
12:11 am
  that was chase headley's 19 career home run. hard to be he might have hit any of the others harder than that one. that thing was pounded. >> rob: he was all over that one. one of the few mistakes they have made tonight. >> bob: the 19th homer livan has given up tonight. the nats, unfortunately, have the bottom of the order due up in the ninth after the big guys haven't been able to do anything. after he does two singles, zimmerman has a double. that's it from 3, 4, 5, and 6. >> rob: almost picked off ca cabrera at first. if he can get out of this. look at this right there, ooh. slap that tag on there
12:12 am
hospital. runner going. shoveled. got him. look at that double play. orr to gonzalez to dunn. a 4-6-3 and the inning is over. a fast runner moving to the back. 0 rec' loves it. to gonzalez, beautiful.
12:13 am
  . >> rob: 3-1 here in the top o
12:14 am
the ninth inning. brought to you by frost free coors light. kevin kouzmanoff hits a spiller off the edge of the bat. scoops it up. 360, finds the target. adam dunn picked him up at the end picking it out of the dirt so freeze cam, thank you very much coors light. >> bob: the world's most refreshing beer.   . >> rob: bob, this is just a instinctive play right there, he has got no time, flicks it, bare hand by alberto gonzalez, so pete orr to gonzo to hawpe, game ending double play. that's a lot of fun to watch these guys playing out there.   . >> bob: former padre josh bar leads off against heath bell. >> rob: come on, ring his bell.
12:15 am
>> bob: i did hear one or two gongs. but they don't play the hells bells song that trevor hoffman took to milwaukee with him. >> rob: he can't do that. >> bob: i know you relievers are pretty possessive about your tunes. >> rob: yeah, i just love deep purple smoke on the water.   when you're trevor hoffman and you got almost 600 saves, you know. >> bob: josh bard is a pinch hitter this year, 2 for 9, that's nasty.   san diego breaking balls have given up a lot of empty air tonight. >> rob: well this guy throws 95. on the nasty breaker, in the dirt. >> bob: now leading,
12:16 am north republican grumman, the information systems powerhouse. joshsh bard played for the padres '06, '07, '08. hit .285 here in '07. fastball away. >> rob: he gets that.   traded over here from boston when the red sox needed doug mira belly to catch tim wakefield >> rob: well and mira belly was crying anyway, i want to go back, i don't like san diego.   . >> bob: josh bard hits one do the right field line. hit that ball extremely hard. no sign that the nats are going
12:17 am
to pinch republican run for him here. they have ha see a who can both run well. cristian guzman is in the on- deck circle. >> rob: i agree with you. the double yesterday that would have scored a fast pitch runner. did not score on that ball. and then right here josh bard, hip pointer or hip flex or muscle injury. bad groin. he has got all that speed sitting on the bench.   . >> bob: nieves, fastball up   . >> rob: speed couldn't help there.   first pitch, ground ball, rig to eckstein.   . >> rob: and that's all she wrote there.
12:18 am
  . >> bob: the final hopes of th nationals in the top of the ninth inning, in a very swiftly moving now 3-run game. excellent pitching, solid defense, especially by the padres. their defense saved this game in the seventh inning. when venable throughout nieves at second and salazar robbed willie harris of the double or triple up against the left field wall. cristian guzman this year as a pinch hitter one for five.   1-1.    fastball away. two-hopper to short, cabrera,
12:19 am
this game is over in right around two hours and 13 minutes.   a low-scoring game by both clubs, but the padres have some better a-bs tonight and they take the first game of the three-game series. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation.
12:20 am
or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. . >> johnny: hi everybody. johnny holiday, phil wood, coming up with nats postgame. a gem of a game pitched tonight by livan hernandez. >> an outstanding effort. but they can't get the offense going. >> they lose two of the three games by a run. they lose tonight in two runs. let's go back out to san diego for bob and rob.   . >> bob: thank you johnny and thank you. bob carpenter the final.
12:21 am
padres three, nats 1. join us tuesday. the nats and the padres continue the series, they begin at 9:30. all the latest news on the nationals. this has been a presentation of masn, and, by the way, since 2005 the padres are now 20-5 against the washington nationals. stay tuned, "nats xtra" coming up right now, johnny and phil in the studio and from the booth in san diego. so long for just a while. . >> johnny: tim for "nats xtra" postgame. brought to you by verizon fios. i'm johnny holiday. welcome in everybody, good morning to you, a little after midnight here and the nats fall to san diego by a score of 3-1 and it's certainly proved tonight phil as we watched
12:22 am
hernandez, this guy is going to be a big help to this pitching staff. >> well it's a quality start again, it's a complete game even though it's just eight innings, hard to get a complete game when you lose on the road. but the point is this guy, as we say over and over again, he knows how to pitch, showed it tonight. had some problems in the first inning but the point is he stayed out there, he kept his team in the ball game, and they just couldn't get any offense going. >> and the defining moment in this ball game came in the very first inning when san diego was able to put up two of their three runs against the national. >> all right. no score here and david eckstein doubles to shallow right field and elijah dukes has to contend with chairs and the mound out there. it's a quirky ball park where the visiting club has their weapon the field and of course it's the delays that dukes is getting to the ball and the run scores from first base and eckstein ends up with a two- base hit. it's really unfortunate that that is the way things are and it's hard to put a lot of blame
12:23 am
on elijah, i think at first the official scorer wanted to give him an error and then he didn't give him a hit. but that's one of those situations, the same condition exist for the home team and the road team, but the home guy has been out there a lot more often. it's probably easier for him to deal with it than somebody on the visiting ball club. but give tim stauffer credit. he kept the nats off the scoreboard. the nationals just could not get any kind of offense going. particularly from the top of their lineup. >> i was just going to mention the top of the lineup didn't do much tonight. they outhit the padres 8-7. stauffer gets the win, 3-6. hernandez suffers his ninth loss, now 7-9 for the complete game, pete orr continues his hitting. 2 for 4 for the padres, heavily, gets that pinch hit home run late in the ball game. to give the padres their third run in the eighth eye inning.
12:24 am
the final is 3-1. they have still got two more runs to go in the series. 9:30 we'll be with you. first pitch out in san diego. the afternoon affair. the ball club is back home for a big weekend series against the florida marlins. phil, it would be nice if you could get pitching and hitting together in the same page. >> things have been out of sync. again, the top of the lineup has struggled. pete orr a huge part of it the last few days. elijah dukes, some key r.b.i.s, but you -- i mean obviously, tonight livan hernandez was part of it as well. scored on the base hit by orr, so this is one of those things that you hope that they can sort of regroup tonight and get things in gear for tomorrow. >> bob: you talk about livan
12:25 am
hernandez. let's talk to rob dibble about the terrific performance put on by this guy this evening. >> bob: in a tough game. livan is just 6 or happen games over .500 for his career. a lot of nights like this you pitch so well, rob, your team can't get any runs. in fact he had to help out for the only run of the night. >> rob: but this is why you brought livan hernandez in here, 90 pitch complete game, having fun the entire night. out there he was a master, gave up two runs early. a home run at the end of the ball game off the pinch hit of headley. but he helps his own cause and the nats with a base hit right here and then pete orr with a jam shot scores him easily and back to work. and right here the end, i think it was the seventh inning, i just see him. running out towards center field. make sure the outfielder catches the ball.
12:26 am
just having fun the entire night. certainly one of the reasons mike rizzo was made the permanent general manager was bringing in guys like livan hernandez to show the young bucks how it is done and should be done. >> bob: 90 pitches, 54 strikes, a masterfull performance. how many nights would that have been good enough to win a ball game. hats off to the padres. from stover right down to heath bell. >> you're exactly right. we'll see bob and rob again coming up tomorrow night. back here at petco. a 3-1 nationals loss. livan hernandez as we take a closer look at him. everything wags working after that shaky first inning, then he really settled down. >> obviously in the first inning is the double down, the right field line again into the nats bullpen, moved those chairs, let's elijah get to the ball. gives up the second run here, ball hit to right center field.
12:27 am
a long way out there to petco park. that scores the second run. that's the ball that hits the end of the inning, he keeps the ball down, gets great movement on the ball. swing and a miss for a strikeout. swing and a miss for a strikeout. called strike three on that one. inside corner. again, he was pretty much in demand command on both sides of the plate. then he gives up the pinch hit home run to chase headley. talk about the -- >> chase headley's orchestra. your butt letter for headley. an eight-inning complete game. as rob just said, this guy knows what he is doing right there, and he is not -- he is like a pitching coach on the roster and, while you can't obviously only pitching every fifth day, there's only so much knowledge he can impart on the bench to the younger guys, but the point is he knows how to
12:28 am
pitch, been around, pitched a lot of big games. as was pointed out 47 complete games for his career, as they look into 2010 and they want that veteran to mentor the younger guys, this may be the guy. i'm not saying he is the guy, but there's not a lot available this coming off-season in terms of veteran who have won and pitched this many big games. >> this they are smart the young pitchers will listen and take notice of how he does things out on the mound? certainly. obviously if you have him from spring training forward. when he was with if new york mets this season he was kind of a spare guy, a spare could go. he was there as depth only. here he is important and his knowledge and experience counts for something with these youngsters. >> a veteran who pitched like a veteran, pitched well enough to win the game but unfortunately he did not. we'll come back with our nats postgame and talk about this guy, elijah dukes, when we return in a moment.
12:29 am
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12:30 am
12:31 am
. "nats xtra" postgame show brought to you in part by verizon fios, over 100 hd channels, fastest internet. this is fios, this is big. >> and he gets jammed again, but this one is gonna fall. livan hernandez reads it well and scores. and the nats are back to a 2-1 deficit on pete orr's second r.b.i. in four games. >> when you talk about a guy making his mark since coming back from syracuse, look at his numbers. where hase he been all year. >> just what i asked. >> that's where he has been. obviously the story on pete orr from day one since he has been in the major leagues is the guy puts the ball in play. and since he has been back up with the club he has put the ball in play and it's falling in. so, obviously with the bunyan
12:32 am
problem that cristian guzman is having, he is going to stay in the lineup. ronnie belliard now with the los angeles dodgers, pete is gonna play second, gonzalez is gonna play short until that bunnan issue is taken care of. >> the ball club obviously felt he could do better by working at certain things in syracuse but he has been like lights out since he came back. >> in syracuse he was playing all over the field. he was a utility guy which he has been in the major leagues since day one but here the lead is up the middle. he is gonna play second base until presumably he is injured or not hitting the ball or somebody else comes along. >> nationals offense wasn't too much to talk about tonight although they outhit the padres 8-7 but the offense generated in the third with livan hernandez. >> livan signals up the middle. base hit. then he takes second base, wild pitch, fastball, whatever, didn't really see the route he took, not straight to second base, and/or or singles, livan
12:33 am
scores from second. there is the nats score as livan hustles around the second base. and, again, pete orr has been such a pleasant surprise and, tonight, he and elijah dukes were pretty much the offense. >> yeah, he was pretty good. dukes had two, pete orr, look at the top of the lineup. willie harris 4 for 3, zimmerman 1 for 4, done. elijah dukes has really come alive, had a big signal to short in the second and to right in the fourth. here is that second hit can't make the plate at first base. comes up again in the fourth inning, again, fastball right over the middle of the play. i think you're going to see cukes hit a lot more to right field. that's one of the things he worked on in syracuse was hitting the ball to all feds.
12:34 am
the thing about dukes, you're going to see him be far more productive. they don't quite have the outfield depth at the moment, maybe with the return of justin maxwell they will. but dukes is a guy who has somewhat fragile needs based on what we have seen thus far in the major leagues. so i think he has a great stroke, has learned how to use all fields and the future is fairly fright for this guy who, whatever personal. >> interview: he had coming to washington, those are well behind him. >> when you look at the chances the nationals had tonight, a couple came to mind, bases loaded in fourth inning, can't get a run across, again in the seventh inning. >> topped in the fourth inning, bases loaded. it was a bunt, not a suicide squeeze, a safety squeeze. it turned out to be not very safe, one-two-three double play. then in the seventh inning ryan zimmerman grounds out with a couple people on base and again hit the ball hard but right at
12:35 am
the shortstop and that was pretty much the threats for the evening for the nats. >> so the ball club is now in a tailspin, lost 11 of their last 14, jd martin will try to turn that around on the positive side when he takes to the hill tomorrow night at petco. we'll talk about j.d. when we return on "nats xtra" postgame. plapap.
12:36 am
12:37 am
well phil and i got to take our hats off if we were wearing one and tip our hats to derek nor his of hagerstown, the sali league's most outstanding major league prospect. he was named that today and he is a terrific young player. >> he can really swing the bat. a terrific hitter, adequate catcher, adequate receiver. he maybe projects as a first baseman in the major leagues. >> on his way up. >> congratulations to you derek. nice night's honor. on the farm club, a nice night for the nationals. syracuse loses to scranton,
12:38 am
mike daniel goes 2 for 5, in the eastern league. >> yes the harrisburg seniors beat them 8-4 with joel guzman going 3 for 4 with a couple runs batted in. >> and in the sally league there's derek norris, one for three night. hagerstown beats lakewood, that final is 5-3. . >> as you look at -- obviously tomorrow night we're going to take an in temperatureth look at elijah dukes on 2020. doctor and dukes making some ca great catches in right field. he tends to, as again as i mentioned earlier, since he has come back from syracuse he is a lot more disciplined at the plate. now tonight he struck out on a hellacious curve ball but so did adam dunn, so did josh willingham. >> we have seen major improvement haven't wean. >> absolutely. the thing is the guy is a monster talent. it's just he has got an
12:39 am
athlete's body, he doesn't have perhaps ra the greatest instincts yet but he is working on it. we have seen him -- crushed the ball at times. not even 24 years old, how about tomorrow night's starters. jd hill will be on the way for the nationals. he has command of the zone, his stuff is a little twinkie. >> a decent curve ball and slider. kind of an overachiever. he has got some intangibles who really help out. clayton richard was part of the big field for the white sox. >> pretty good command of the strike zone. >> when you look at ja. d martin, the nats have won 5 of his last eight starts. he was pretty impressive when he beat chicago 5-4 back on august 27th. >> jd is a guy who has done his
12:40 am
penance in the major leagues for a long time, took a long time to get to the major leagues. another one of these guys that wakes up grateful to be able to pull on a major league uniform. when he got the pie in the face he said it was the most emotional moment in his professional career. he had finally made it. so this is a guy i think will work extremely hard. >> speaking of pennants they have the fryer's race out in san diego and there they are racing right there. one of the flyers gets knocked down. they get knocked down at nationals park with our guys racing too. jim riggleman still to come with more in a moment. if you're like a lot of people,
12:41 am
you have high blood pressure... and you have high cholesterol. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients... with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks. caduet is one of many treatment options, in addition to diet and exercise... that you can discuss with your doctor. caduet is not for everyone. it's not for people with liver problems... and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. to check for liver problems, you need simple blood tests. tell your doctor about any heart problems... and all other medications you are taking... or if you experience muscle pain or weakness,
12:42 am
as they may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals. . "nats xtra" postgame show. brought to you by verizon fios. the fastest internet and this is fios, this is big.
12:43 am
runner going. gonzalez to dunn, a 4-6-3, and the inning is over. >> and the nats go on to win the ball game tonight, the padres win the ball game 3-1. nats again at san diego, coming up as you see the schedule for tomorrow night. a 10:00 start. 9:30 for phil and i, "nats xtra" pregame. then an afternoon affair starting at 3:00. the day off to come back home on thursday, the nationals and the march lins, all at masn hd. let's take a look at some ball games played earlier tonight between atlanta and florida. top of the seventh, marlins up with a 1-0 lead. triples to deep center. chipper jones, you know escobar will score. they take a 2-# run lead. next batter david ross.
12:44 am
ross will single and infante scores, atlanta goes on to win the ball game 5-2. now let's go back out to san diego and jim riggleman discussing in particular that first inning which cost the nationals the ball game tonight. . >> he was real good. he pitched out of trouble, he got some double play balls, he, you know, he pitched very effectively, and then their bullpen did the same. you know. they pitched the stuff but, you know, it's ball and they made a lot of good calls on it. >> by the same token he settled down before the pinch hit. >> he did a great job. you know, you go in the eighth inning that deep in ball game, give up a couple of runs, nothing since the first, he gave us a chance to win the ball game, we just couldn't get over the ball to get some good plays. >> that one-two-three, was that a play that really outer your
12:45 am
chances? >> yeah. i mean, you know, obviously it's a double play that ended the inning. we had bases loaded so we were hoping to get something out of that. he is a pretty good hitter, and you know, we just didn't get anything out of it. he kind of took everybody by surprise. so that being the case, you know, i -- he just didn't bunt it where he wanted to bunt the ball. got handcuffed with the pitch a little bit. didn't get where he wanted but if he had to do it over i think he swung the bat. >> he felt like i guess he could push one over towards the first base second base area and give us a run which, you know, it kind of goes under that category of just trying to help the club do a little more than you are doing there. he might have hit into a double play, i don't know, he felt comfortable doing it. it's something he has done in
12:46 am
the past. bonded in those situations but that one backfired. >> talking about winners during the game, was there something you wanted to talk about. >> a couple of our guys felt maybe the ball hit the wall as opposed to as opposed to him just catching it clean. and, you know, you can't do that, you can't look at replace and start yelling at the umpire, so i was just trying to get him off our guys on the bench, right flee so he was upset with our guys on the bench and i was just getting his attention away from them. >> adam dunn to the generous strike zone, he had the couple called third strikes. >> you know, i'm not going to stand here and talk about balls and strikes. you know. it's -- didn't go our way, i'll say that, but you know adam is a big bat in the middle of our lineup. and adam knows the strike zone.
12:47 am
i'll just leave it at that. >> did you see anything after today? >> today we played hard. we just got to play better. we continue to play good baseball, we're catching the ball, we're pitching good, we're -- you know, we hit the ball hard. we ran into an out at second base. we made a great play, the right fielder and left fielder made great plays to hurt us. youou know, it's just goin' that way against us. if there is a close call it's not goin' our way and, um, when we got a chance to break something open as we did yesterday, even as good as wayne right was we had a chance to get a little something going, we couldn't get over that hump and get something going. same thing tonight, we're in one of those ruts, we got to stop that, we cannot let that continue the way it did in the first half. >> when things were going good, reeling off win after win after
12:48 am
win everything was falling together, now it's a little tough time for the ball club. >> you wished they could have banked some of those runs for times like this. but it's an easy thing. >> i'll tell you who is happy tonight. ronnie belliard. played for the dodgers, his first game against arizona. ronnie belliard at the plate against doug davis and there it goes. a home run in his first at bat as a member of the los angeles dodgers. that ball game is tied at 3-3, as jim riggleman said, start to get more focused and things will happen for the club. >> playing fundamentally good baseball. just don't get good hits when it counts. you've got a couple more games now in san diego, a day off, come home against the marlins, you do have a chance against the padres, who have struggled.
12:49 am
they can maybe escape with a couple wins tomorrow night, or tonight and tomorrow. >> against a guy who has a 4.79 e.r.a. coming up tonight at 10:00, i kind of like our ball club's chances. >> let's just keep our fingers crossed. jd martin goes to the hill for the nats. but livan hernandez, a terrific effort spoiled tonight, couldn't get enough runs and the padres win it by a score of 3-1. thanks for joining us everybody. for phil wood i'm johnny holiday. we'll see you coming up tonight.
12:50 am
12:51 am
xxúú not to get crushed. >> federer, seeking his 35th straight win at the u.s. open. playing briton, who was playing in his first grand slam match. briton admitted he was scared. he lost the first set but how about the second set, goes up a break, up 3-1. he said when he went up 3-1 he's thinking, i'm on break, this is awesome. he said it was probably the best 15 seconds of my life and roger goes into swiss army mode. federer won the next six games
12:52 am
in a row. in the third set, federer continuing to roll. he had 40 unforced areas on briton. federer only had 18 unforced errors. federer wins in three sets as he continues his quest for a six straight u.s. open title. >> venus williams dealing with a knee issue, taking on vera dushevina. she's never losost in the first round. first set, down 5-4. venus, tie-break now. dushevina, set point. the great backhand winner. she can taste the upset. second set, tied 5-5. venus, the set back hand. she won the second set. third and deciding set. dushevina serving williams, up 5-3. and that would do it. williams, 2:44. wins the first match in three
12:53 am
sets. detroit tigers, 21 games over .500 at home this year. washburn has not been the pitcher that they wanted when he got him. a few weeks ago. top of the first, scored 3-0 rays. next batter, the double. bad luck for washburn. long gora. carlos pena does not get cheated. two-run home run. his 38th. eight earned, over 5 2/3. the rays finished the road trip 4-3. james shields improves to 3-0. in five career starts against the tigers, detroit allowed six runs in the first for the first time since 2007. the rays gain half game on the red sox. five games back in the wild card. carlos pena may not get hit very often but when he does he makes
12:54 am
it. the slugger is on base to join a select pair of players who have hit more home runs in a season than singles, while hitting at least 20 home runs. the only two others to have done it, mark mcguire who did it four times and barry bonds. >> the metrodome has been a husband of horrors for the white sox. joe mauer added to their misery monday night. his 26th home run. that doubles his previous career high. mauer, 2-4 hitting .391 in august. the chicago white sox have lost 15 out of their last 17 at the metrodome. they are six out in the central. the twins gain game on the tigers, so minnesota, only 3 1/2 hour. >> espn sideline reporter erin andrews has been interviewed for the oprah winfrey show. her first interview since footage of her being unknowingly videotaped inside a hotel room appeared on the internet. andrews told oprah winfrey the incident was "a nightmare." and that returning to work is going to help me heal my wounds.
12:55 am
the interview is slated to air on the oprah winfrey show friday, september 11, she returns to the sidelines this thursday night for the south carolina nc state game on espn. top stories on the way. the ricky rubio saga continues. we now know he's not coming to minnesota just yet. but he has found a new home in spain. and brett favre on the field monday night for the vikings. we'll break down number four's second opportunity to win over fans and teammates in minnesota. i'm racing cross country in this small sidecar,
12:56 am
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i know. this is sausage! (men in background) let's go! dude this place is a sausage fest. alright you guys go get a cab excuse me; can i get five pounds of kielbasa? hey, you guys made it! oh look they brought food! (announcer) there are captains in every crew. calling all captains. drink responsibly. sometimes i think the world and america understood george w. bush to be right wing, super
12:58 am
conservative as opposed to how you characterize him. the world saw him as right wing in super conservative because he seemed like someone a right-- white male from texas, as you were saying, who was aittle bit chippy, a little bit like this. >> guest: bring it on. >> host: so he seemed in his entireicture different from his policies. obama may benefit in the same way and that he seems non-radical, non-sharpes-- sharp as into jagg and edgy, not dramatic but very cool in his presentation and very calm and yet, he has taken over the u.s. auto industry, he is spending like crazy, i mean big things are hpening in yet he doesn't seem like someone dramatic. >> guest: who does that remind you of? ronald reagan.
12:59 am
he used to drive theeft crazy. because they would waive-- he is radical, ronald reagan is the right wing nets and reagan would just sit there. actly and that iwhat i'm saying. reagan would sit there and smile and say, there they go again. barack obama. temperamentally he is doing the same thing. he seems cool, temperamentally seems cool in down the middle. >> host: are we going to look back and think of his time-- >> guest: fav left. listen, this guy has moved aggressively to take over the auto industry. he fired the c of gm. he has passed a budget that ranks-- wax up more debt over the next 80 years then all 43 of his predecessors combined,
1:00 am
combined. he has passed a budget that the director of this cbo says, again, a democrat appointedthe director of the congressional budget office says that his budgets are unsustainable. i.e., they will wreck the economy, rett get, that the top democrat in the senate budget committee said, these deficits will destroy america. what does the president do? he passes these budgets, people like me say are unsustainable and argoing to crile the economy. everybody on t left calls me a right-wing nut, the "new york times" calls me, this is funny, the re leader of the republican attack squadron two mons later obama says, do you know what? these deficits are unsustainabl ..
1:01 am
1:02 am
>> holding back owards the world? in terms of foreign policy i think so far so good, it is a difficult world. thehallenges are most extraordinary. i like him trying to put a new phase of american foreign policy. he does n have to try. just by showing up he does. but then the news some good shows up and messes up. >> guest he is a realist so far. so far. you're looking at the first five months. want to talk about radical foreign policy? george w. bush promising
1:03 am
trying to enter the around the globe with the new tuesday's meeting the marine corps to do that program not talking about afghanistan or even iraq but the mission that ban in 2004 / 2005 talk about ignoring colin powell who said in 2003, be careful about goi to iraq but if you do you better send more troops. and the being squatted away. >> host: what happened with bush? he ran saying i don't want to take over the world. guest: can i say this very quick? i can say this very quickly. let me get to the chapter. i want to read you. i can more or less remember but listen to this quote from what george w. bush. this is what he said in 2000.
1:04 am
>> host: you keep looking at it and i will cover with ese words, i have found the years 2001 throu009 intensely painful politically as a conservative there is a great coalition and a great movement fraction like a pane of glass and splintere from people who have not built that coalition. i saw the guys who built in the '60s and '70s and '80s and i saw how hard they worked an it broke my heart to see it. anit broke my heart to see that you're not allowed to say that it was breaking. itas a terrible line. >> guest: i know. this is george w. bush in 2000, we must me judicious in their use of the military.
1:05 am
we will fight only when it is of the five will interest of the united states, when our mission is clear and whenhe exit sategy is obvious. that is what we said every day to the clion appointee that came up to the armed services committee and the congress and weaid its not the 1990's. what is the end strategy? can we get our troops home? we'l there be another vietnam or bare root? we forget all of the lessons about what a conservative w or was n. getting back to barack obama per croix genetic three and everything with foreign policy but while his domestic agenda has been radical his foreign policy has been measured. look at the bush and administration and clinton's administration, this commander in chief may continue to be
1:06 am
the first realist we have had at the white house since george h. w. bush. one other thing on barack obama foreign policy, it is similar to ronald agan and another aspect. neocons have tried to claim reagan as their own despite the fact that neocons trashed reagan from his first days and 1981ell what time he left office in 1989. they said he loved trade war the human-rights then dealt with the soviets too much if they were enraged he sat down with gorbachev trying to strike arms-control deals. bregenz rhetoric is opposite of obama's but reagan knew what we neededfter jimmy carter showeweakness across the globe. reagan knew that we needeto talk tgh. but he was a realistic pro he
1:07 am
only sent our troops into battle sough to times. >> host: talk about the evil empire he had a whole revolution of candor. it was the first time in one generation of revenue the sovietwere but he did not invade eastern europe. use diplomacy, honesty, word the force of going forward and explaining i is the way to go. >> he was a realistic his foreign policy despite the fact that his rhetoric was pretty heated part of foreign policy achievement was shocked. >> if you look at reagan, he was not a neocon or a radical, he was down the middle. >> host: a modern 20th century conservative.
1:08 am
>> guest: he was a realist when you look at how use troops a diplomacy. barack obama on the other side uses rhetoric on the left while and all action rather the his picies like reagans were a more realistic. we already established he is a radical. >> host: quickly, what is the difference between the republican party and the conservative movement? to which doo belonged? >> guest: the conservative movement tried do not know at the republican party is any more. i really don't. >> host:ill it save itself? >> guest: i don't know. it has maybe five yea may be 10 years. >> host: why notne year or 20? >> guest: i am just saying there is a time limit. the republican party needs the
1:09 am
conservative movement more than the conservative movement needs the republican party. look at the money barack oba raised online and look at the money ron paul raised online. ron paul, a libertarian conservative who raised more money than all of the mainstream candidate is the route the final quarter of 2007. the conservative leader can rise, a real conservative, not one who was divided over the past quarter century that can raise millions and millions of dollars and makes the republican party are relevant. they need to reform it sell four dy. i am not sure what it will do. >> host: you talked in the book, and there are certain striking pieces of advice. what the republicans should do. quickly, do want to tell us domestically and foreign affairs? >> has got to show restraint
1:10 am
in spending that is how we got to where we are right now. we have to spend some money. yes. at this stage we are in economically, we have to understand again that a single issue that has unified conservatives through the years, moderates, moderate reblicans, conservative republicans, eve liberals, most of us believed in less government. again,hat is the central relationship that buckley unrstood between the state that as the state expands, the power of the state, the right to the individual contracts. >> host: classic republican era from reagan we almost all
1:11 am
agreed to like this same government. >> guest: that is not trooper americans have not been given the altertive for our here even the most conservatives saying they want big government. we are fdr's children. that is not e case. guy ran in a district that had not elected a republican in since 1872. i think they hong the last republican. iran to abosh the federal education bureaucracy to get the money back to the states. iran to cut taxes and spending. it was a libertarian message. i got elected. not only did i get elected the 74 republicans talking about the same thing got elected. we wer a small government conservative says may be in shington and 50 or 75 years?
1:12 am
>> host: but there is a message. >> guest: it we were elected a 94, reaed and 96 after shutting down the government to balance the budget. we were reelected 98, 2000, 2004, ain, while we were called radicals by the right wing of the attacks come apply the mainstream media. that is a message that can win again but i go back, ronald reagan undstanding that americans will follow not my ideology but becse of my temperament because they know i believe what i am saying and that they trust me. do think or does anybody else really believe that ameri has started this far left in the age of obama?
1:13 am
in 2000, 30 percent said they were conservative, 19 percent liberal. 2009 come to know how radically those numbers have shifted? one percentage point*. 1% 37% now. say they're conservative only 19% still 12 people they are liberals this is not brought ideology is sma government conservative that believes like reagan and buckley the greatness of america individual and not with the ever expanding? that is the message that can win and will wind. republicans are conservatives, they have to figure how to deliver the message in a way that is not quite so threatening to middle
1:14 am
america. >> host: reason they gave the speech i said he could never punch anybody but he was holding out his hand. >> guest: right. >> host: he literally said in 84, up with me. i will grant you that. >> guest: we want more people. but do we wantolin powell as the republican party cracks that is an insanit we want a guy with a 72 or 73 percent approval rating that look an awful lot like republican senators and connecticut, maine, massachuse tts? three want him as our party or just a southern white guy? we want everybody. >> host: you talk about bad in your book. just tget away from the book with four minutes the major reigning ground. i will give you some names of 20th and 21st century
1:15 am
political figures and give me every sentence of your thoughts richard nixon. >> gue: brilliant and our foreign polic is still shared by him and my dad still thinks he was framed. >> host: ronald rean? we have done him. george of the bush, bill clinton? u are part of newt gingrich class of 1994 and part of the impeachment process with clinton. looking ck 10 years later, did the republicans go too far? did they besmirch some cells of all? >> guest: i am reminded of "jesus christ superst". mary matalin sings i don't know how to love him. i cannot get my arms around bill clinton i do know i was driven to run by anger, rage, at bill
1:16 am
clinton. >> host: you were? >> guest: i thought bill clinton represented everything that was wrong with america. i loathed him and had to use for hillary clinton. and i think it goes back t being a kid raised in the atlanta suburbs looking at the '60s radicals and looking at the world from my pents side. 10 years later i read about this im embarrassed by some of the things i said about bill clinton that my goal it at 46 as opposed to being 29 that everybody has something to bring tohe table and understanding we could understand the clinton but he could not understand us any more. he hated us as much you got those young rig-wingers are from another planet trying to do all the great things we now
1:17 am
look at each other. i rlly like hillary clinton so much because we have taken this arkin she is not the same hillary clinton that came to shington in 1993. we understand that rebates each other's heads but balanced-budget and paid down the debt and say to medicare bill clinton and joe scott -- joe scarborough together. this is a washington is supposed to be. this ihourt is supposed to work and i found out that when the president and congress paid toach other and worked better because all of his car bridge projects we struck out of the bill and all of our pork barrel projects he struck out of the bill and it is this what the founding fathers understood that makes america
1:18 am
great. >> barack obama is a fortunate man but if youere more fortunate he would have a republican congress. >> host: you are exactly write. it would temper him and he would be reasonable to one george w. bush would be a much better president with a democratic congress over eight years. >> host: he was better with a democratic congress to balance. that was a great interview. thank you very much. >> guest: thank you.
1:19 am
>> i want to rock some dan balz and haynes johnson they both have long careersor journalism. he served as a political editor and white house correspondent and he has won several prominent awards for his politics and presidency. haynes served as a national correspondent in during that time he who won the pulitzer prize with coverage of the civil rights crisis has bn a columnist for the "washington post" and assistant managing editor of "the post" until he left to join the academic
1:20 am
world. he is not a university of maryland and also had the academic appointments at a number of other universities including princeton, a berkeley and to. i do not know how manyf you watch "meet e press" on sunday when dan balz and haynes johnson rolled out their new book. ever since then i don't think there has been too many moments during a 24-hour period where they have not been auntie me or radio granted some of it is rerded. i thought they might be sown exhausted we may have to stopped in the middle to give you a coffee bre. [laughter] i ought maybe we could do that but on the other hand, i think you got such a rush of
1:21 am
adrenaline going through your veins because you have been so emphatic that this is the greatest or you have never covered you are so aliphatic in fact, you are anxio to share your story with the propriety so here you are [applause] >> we'll stay the truth we have been running wildly but in the meantime this is w you write books, you come to a place like this that you love. people are here because they want to listen and not critique. i mean it this is the reason write books. we're very proud to have turned out for us. sorry there is no see team for a lot of peoe but i just want to take a few minutes why we did this book.
1:22 am
started almost three years ago, not quite standll of us facing what would have been in 2008 looking ahead and i have the thought this type of from this may be being the most importan election of my lifetime price of that because of a lot of factors that are obvious, the economy was bad, the war was some popular, george bush presidency had gone up to the highest ever recorded nine percent approval rating after 9/11 been sinking like this before he resigned to end the sense of anxiety of the future the politics was not working we have a whole host of new charactersuffering a time for the country. that was the background for th story that we embark on telling. it turned out to be the story of lifetime. it was the most remarkable
1:23 am
thing to cover and watch and try to understand and analyze, the characters were remarkable. we will get into that later, in the interview or the exurbs, -- excerpts as the president spoke us the president-elect, looking back on the selection had to tell the story? he said it was a great novel. [laughter] then he went on. it is quite extraordinary to hear the president talng about the characters of who they were, i cannot imagine a president inyifetime thinking in those narrative historical terms. we will go back and forth to talk about som of the things we tried to cover and lesso learned then we will open it up to questions from you. thank you again for coming [applause]
1:24 am
>> i also want to extend my thanks for being here. it is a gratifying to see group ofeople like this, friends, old friends, neighbors and new people we do not know but we know that you are political junkies like we are. i have to preface this book was a labor of love prep review cover politics the way we d too be able to write a book or try to write a book about this election was a privileg we felt all the way through from start to finish this would be a great experience of our life to do this book. haynes called me fruary 2007 and the satellite to have breakfast with zero by to talk to about something price said let's meet tomorrow at the
1:25 am
mayflower and we will see. we did not talk further price said to my wife haynes call today and he wants to talk about something at breakfast and she said if it is about a book, just say yes. [laughter] we sat down and he sketched out this idea for a book about the 2008 campaign he god most of the way through it and i said it is interesting because i'm about two-thirds of the way through a proposal for the 2008 campaign which is almost identical andoncept. we knew it would be an important campaign and had a grt cast of characters are we had no idea what we're getting in four with a twist and turns and drama with everything we tookhold of. what i want to do first i first was a darker brown presidenpresiden t obama and very briefly and now secretary
1:26 am
hillary clinton. we're familiar wit barack obama he has bn in our lis lot cents a remarkable eech a the boston convention in 2004. what we fend -- found is a deeper understanding of barack obama strengths and weaknesses, the type of character thomas some of what he went tough and we think as you go through and digest this with relevance what he is going through write now. when thing to always remember in addition to ambition nobody runs for president if you've only been in the senate minutes. [laughter] if you do not have a lot of ambion, he is very, very competitive. one of the best stories that we heard came from robert gibbs about when his book the
1:27 am
"audacity of hope" was published in 2006 which helped create the buildup for his candidacy. obama wanted this to be a big best seller. the book was about to come out and his staff said the book will do really will be used to understand this book is coming now literally the same time as the first piece of nonfiction by john grisham so do not get your hopes up too far. you have serious competition. he said i am understand. when it debuted, first hit the new york times' best-seller lists it was the number two d gibson said this is terrific you're never too and obama's said that is great come and now i want to be number one. that is the competitiveness that he took into th race. we all know john mccain is a gambling man so was obama to get into this race as a very
1:28 am
novice candidate on the national stage. when we talk about what. him into the race, he said he was at a good point* in his life with very well known, a successful books, stuffed in the senate he knew what the democrats taken over he would have the opportunity to begin to do legislating but he said i thought there might be mething, i was in a position i should at least see what was out there. circumstances were created that made it possible for me to do this and i thought i should try it. i gave myself a 25 worth 30% chance of winning the presidency then he said rich for a gambling man is not bad odds. the other interesting thing was the advice he got from his advisers and particularly david axelrod. he wrote memo that we got a hold of and put in the book in
1:29 am
which it is a remarkably prescient memo written late november 2006 berry was the state of the country and axelrod's view at that point* the climate was ideal for a candidate like obama's to run for president. after all the country had been through, and popularity of present bush, the country was clearly looking for real change and in axelrod's formulation voters will seek a replacement not a replica and you are perfectly situated to become that. hillary clinton obviously has some important strengths and assets be were better position to to te advantage of the public mood. he also said that many have tenth -- counseled you to wait for you were too new use to get seasoning and think about
1:30 am
running four or eight years from now but then he said hisory is replete with candidates who have waited too long rather than those who ran too soon and said this is your moment. obviouy he was a cheerleader but there was another piece that we thought was particularly revealing because it wt to the question of his weaknesses. and experience will not be that crippling. more importantly can you show strength? senator clinton has strength. no question. she has parts of her character that might cause her problems in the campaign, people may not trustor but she has streng that you don't. the campaign can be a proving ground for strength. he would have to demonstrate that he had let voters were looking for in a time of war. then he said, in a very pointed and critical way, the
1:31 am
disarming admissions of weakness in your book will become for ardor for -- fodder for increase in then he alluded to the types of questions he should expect he became a candidate. how many times did you use cocaine or marijuana? who did you buy a from? did you sell drugs? did you break any other laws? this is more than the unpleasant inconvenience it goes your willingness to experience something you have ner sustained in new long basis which is criticism i do not know if your muhammed ali or floyd patterson when it comes to taking a punch. you care far too much wh is written and said about you you do not relish combat when it is personal and nasty win the largely irrelevant to alan keyes attack you, you flinch. it we remember obama inspired
1:32 am
great passion come a devotion among his followers, use the internet to raise half a billion dollars literally from mostly small donors. we don remember is how difficult his early days as a candidate wee. in the back and tnk he was on a predestined past record his first month was very, very difficult he went out for a health-care forum and performed very bad day and he knew it and he saw what clton had done in comparison and the size of the gap between her level of performance and his. he was exhausted. the pressures he was under, away from his family, he wasrritable, and happy, there was 1hen t camps flew from chicago to co back to get on a flight with obama on the way to iowa the campaign was worried he was too discouraged in the dumps and they have a candid conversation.
1:33 am
gives said you just need to find something you feel positive abo because obama's and i am unhpy wit my message, with the advice all of you give m come rethink it is that the is a? i am not here every day. he did not think the campaign was working worldnd he was not dng what he thought he should do. kim said find something potive. he said there is nothing positive. sitting next to them was the young personal assistant he is big yongbyon 11 a character and regis working the blackberry and said boss, if it is any consolation, i am having a blast. barack obama's said comity 17, it is not any consolation. [laughter] but one of the things we learned this the has
1:34 am
resience and patience and can learn from his mistakes in makes in a per cent to figure how to succeed in diffilt times. as you look forward and want to go through he is going through remember back to the campaign that every day was not a terrific day, he had-- that wersuccesses and those that were not and you learn from those mistakes period obviously don't know if he will win the battle see is facing right now. but when you read throug this book think about what you see a realtime and how tt compar to the campaign. because we do not want to spend all of ts time talking, let me briefly, the campaign between obama and clinn was the most remarkable period in political history that we have what is. rather than recounting y detail i just want to go through what churchill called
1:35 am
the terrible what if of history. what if something happened? what if the iowa caucuses was not the first event of the democratic race? o 2007 senator clinton was uising in the national polls and doing well as a candidate, performing well in comparison and she was being written as the inevitable nominee. obama was struggling. yet in that iowa it was almost a totally different story. hiary clinton always struggled in s.p.a. her husband never campaigned there when he ran in 19 the carcasses was irrelevant they have no network, she began with this be a very skeptical of her they felt they did not know her and iowa was always the most troubling state for the clinton campaign have the restarted in n hampshire's we may have had a different
1:36 am
outcome because that was a place wher bill clinton became the comeback kid they felt comfortable there and it what refi qtr after iowa in this campaign if they we reversed we may see a different outcome. if obama won the south carolina primary by nine points rather than 29 per across south carolina was a supercharged battle then fault bill clinton, the issue of race was injected into the campaign in waves that people felt was destructive at the time. nobody in the clinton high command wanted to cpete hard in south carolina they knew they had to go to the debate they wanted senator clinton to spend no time and make it clear she did not regard that as a crucial primary. they insisted they compete and that they spend time there. it was his fear not without some merit they have
1:37 am
connection in the african-american community he could help her in ways of almost nobody could and he insisted they compete and south carolina. that made it a crucial battle when barack obama won by 29 points, an astounding victory which nobody anticipated, somebody said the 94, i think we will win by about 18 points and the person said you are crazy. they won by 29 and gave them an enormous boost heading into super tuesday which was always the most difficult day on the calendar. what if the florida primary had counted cracks and not been delegitimize by the dnc cracks onearvard conference literally said in a florida have been a real primary clinton may behe nominee and might be president.
1:38 am
but the rules were the rules and the above the campaign understood that. they were willing to take those rules then they figure out to play those rules much more effectively. when it mattered most come in the obama campaign operated very skillfully and the clinton campaign did it. lar, the clinton campaign beme better bu by then it was too late. now i will turn it over to haynes for further discussion [applause] >> i just want to follow up. to tal about what we learned watching this extraordinary campaign. he has alluded to obama's personality. what you saw in the public was a confident, strong, and no worries about where he was going.
1:39 am
in fact, he went through deep times of frustration and that is the whole character part we did not know. number two there were things that happened in this campaign particularly between hillary and bill clinton and ted kennedy that works toward a very and contentious. it is like shakespeare. they really were the elements that play back and forth. talking about when tedennedy finally endorsed obama's, there obviously, this is just before the south carolina primary part of obviously the clintons were eager, hungary have passionate to get knedy's endorsement. they cd and called and realize he couldot endorse that a certain point* but when it was time, they put on the pressure and obama also did but the calls between ted kennedy and bill clinton in particular but also hillary
1:40 am
are part of a novel itself. ey were angry, they talk about race, a contentious, almost i do not want to say violence but it was hot stuff. they went back and forth over daysefore finally ted decided he would endorse obama. and he did so because it was t that he did not like him three but he decided long before, with the more that he watched obama's he said he reminds me of jack and bobby he is speaking to a new generation and bringing something i have not seen, the family was reacting to that. and this angry contention took place. in fact, that endsement the obama people now will say that was the catapult at that point*. he also sealed the
1:41 am
african-american vote. it is an interesting fact when this campaign began, we went to a lot of focus groups ove the two year period the peter hart was holding. one of the very first of 2007 was a group of voters, they were democrats andhree african american women in the fos group. they all said the were for hillary clinton. and the conversation went on, suddenly one of the women blur to dollar i was not going to say this but really my first choice is barack obama's but he cannot win so my coaches for hillary. the other candidate also black felt that way. but what kennedy's endorsement d was help solidify the african-american vote in the south carolina and in the country and it was an enormous change and the angry aftermath
1:42 am
or bitterness i think has healed now. who knows? i am not sure because if you understand what was really said, it was not pleasanto say the least. the other thing when the nomination finally came f, by that point* you have hillary and obama's. the hillary story is part of the great novel. she starts off as the almost woodbin candidate, in prciple, rising above the flow and the more she began to lose, the better she got. she was a fantastic candidate in the end. she lost 11 straight and oba himself td us in the final interview that she was a terrific candidate. she was connecting come issue was loose, humorous, and she conlect with voters across t
1:43 am
board. had she started out that way? who kno? but it was fascinating to watch the arc of this go forward. the other thing with john mccain we do not want to ignore him because he was and i want to credit deman i meant to say elier that having dan balz with me is the way if it was successful he was magnificent and i was very proud to have him and it could not be done without him. but fed john mccain story he is a shakespearean figure. hes trapped in a shakespearean novel. the whole background, the thing that made him this figure is his experience of a pow in vieam. tortured, cannot raise h
1:44 am
arms over his head. genuine, absolutely and then when george bush crushed him in 2000, bush crushed hi in the south carolina than eight years later he i running again for the presidency and he is defending the war policies of george bush. he could notreak looseut of that. he was trappedor pro. i will but answer questions about sarah palin. that is another story. [laughter] but maybe we can wrap up and take questions? >> let's just go to questions. >> there are so many people he. >> we tried to draw at the end of this book what the lessons we thought the
1:45 am
election told us. not just as reporters are journalist or writers but as americans. therwere obviously many and less staying but t obvious thing is raised. what the selection said. i want to read e thing, why the election was more than an endurance test for the candidate but for the american people and institutions. the first less than most obvisly was raised. since 1619 when i battered dutch privateer came around cape henry and one of the james river to deposit the first african-american slaves on the continent race relations have affected the character of the united states more than any other factor. black slave to laid the cornerstones for the warehouse or the capital's and sold like cattle in a huge slave market that stood with the national archives today at this very
1:46 am
moment houses the declaration of independence and the bill of rights and became the source of bloodshed, a civil war that plagued the nation to profess the democratic principles and this is the point*. whatever happens with la palma and his presidency as the first selection of the african-american will always be a proud chapter in the american story. what comes next is another aspect but that was history in the making. i think we should all be proud of that. thank you [applause]@@ >> as i observe the democratic
1:47 am
primar in 2008, one of the major factors that i saw was a stumbling block for heathery was her vote on the iraq war. how much of that was a factor in helping obama in his campaign? >> she never got out fm under thatshe was trapped and one of the fascinating aspes of hillary clanton supporting the resolution to go into iraq and george bush one of the things for people felt very strongly because they wanted to show she is strong as a woman and could be commander in chief like the boys. and had to show strength so she could not step back from that and she was trapped in that aspect.
1:48 am
>> might you elaborate a little on this question that i think soany of us found interesting cracks the charge is that he had no experience and i have all the experience. and what role did that play t positive four negative? as background to that, i served in one uniform or anothefrom eisenhower through clinton. and i was a brown both the elections with all of these mebefore. it seemed toe in the way that i look to myeader and most of the people around me, it was not a question of experience but a qstion of judgment and the choices he made for your pition and the government.
1:49 am
would you talk about this experience? >> a very good question and central in the democratic primary battle. field on the campaign believe ultimately the issue would not be crucial n that he did n have to deal with that and they tried. in the early stages of the democratic race, he spent time talking about what he had done as a state senator and referred to his state senatorial record. under constant focus groups it made no resonan and made no impact. they realized e ssue was not experience but the capacity to lead and what was important is not to say i have passed this man bills or spend this much time working on this issue but say i have the qualities of leadership that we need at this particular time in american history and when he began to do that, he was able to do
1:50 am
that an important turning point* said jefferson jackson dinner in iowa of the candidates are there. is a big event center clinton gave a very good speech and obama gave much better speech to galvnize not just his candidacy but his message that focused on what you need at this point* to leave without mentioning senator clinton why he was fit and she was not. it was a sharp contrast. without naming her. the other queion they had to face was the question is he ready to be commander in chief? if you run against john mccain, most people believe he did. when obama was getting ready to enter the race the did eight interview with "the chicago tribune" and they said if you become the nominee and john mccain is rublican
1:51 am
how will the race be franz? he said war hero versus not nosed kid. [laughter] he knew what he had to do. but their view was we don't have po be more comfortable capable we sat to convince people we are capable and 72 kors of the summer he was able to do that. >> maybe hillary clinton may president obama a much better candidates. can you talk about why you think he selected her for the cretary of state? and how you think they're working together and how will this play outn her future polical caree i have no idea but for future but it is being made right now as we speak.
1:52 am
and how the decisions were made we're not entirely clear. she was not going to be the vice president. there is a wonderful phrase that the aba the people said you cannot have two alpha dogs on the same ticket. [laughter] it did not mean he did not respect hillary toward the end she was ver loyal and worked hard for obama across the country. she was always there and did everything she could to demonstrate that. personally, it was my own view it is a great choice and she is now doing the work tha i think she has the experience for. >> the definition ofuck is when opportunity meets preparation and the ection ended when wall street
1:53 am
imploded and to president obama, he looked awful and john mccain sounded thought less. but my real queion is to remain about health care but mrs. oma received upwardsf 100,000 through $300,000 a director of university chicago medical center system and t post as never hesitated to savage everybody when it sees fit but with health-care the issue really is about access to affordable insurance for a more importantly what mrs. obama accomplished what her successes or failures were and will work toward did, and that is extremely important that the present time. >> the posted se were combat during the campaign. and i suspect it was the kind of peace the very few people remember because there was such a floodf care fridge
1:54 am
going on. we have not looked at it sense that we did during the campaign and perhaps it is something worth revisiting all-out disappnted it is difficult what role she is playing in the development of the fight. >> university of chicago medical center was supposed to be secured new way people who could not pay their bls? >> and the rate teeing ofhe book will subliminay influence by a the cssic book o"the making of the president"? >> haynes had a great line that said you try to make this a teddy white without the romance. [lghter] there is no question teddy white was an influence. haynes knew him well butis political reporting influenced all of us. we did not set out to be teddy
1:55 am
white of 2008. >> their love him but we did not try to do the same st of thing. we were going to doing narrative over history but we had a different view on backed. >> is a great election so far for sure. >> is set up to me to ask the sarah palin question? [laughter] >> we have a waiting. >> and a stand the fighter pilot it is notorking this way we have to shake it up b did it reflect badly he at that she could become president she does not know a lot? >> you never know what the moment you make a decision how it will work out. certainly, it was a risky and they will discuss to risk within the campaign. the haste with which they picture has been talked about a lot. it is a more complicated story
1:56 am
and i will not get into it. it is complicated tom much they have looked at her but no question they have not spent any realtime sizing her up directly into literally the nido, then 94 obama cse her -- john mccain chose her. the man in charge a process spoke to her the 94 she went to see mccain and he gave her report as she was making her way up to sedona and colin powell said she did well in the interview and they learn that her daughter was pregnant and they decided it was not a relevant issue they said dave would ignore that ande had tricky questions and she knocked them nut of the pk. like the use of nuclear weapons kitten she did better than some other candidates and as well as others prefer the seventh thing she has great
1:57 am
capacity but wish to be ready on day one? no. but i don't think most people who get into the position are ready on day one to be vice president. maybe ose who have experience. some mcaain takes this in and bottom-line? high-risk, high reward. and mccain said you should not have been telling me that. i have bn taking risks of my life and away they went. in the immediate aftermath, it was a controversy during the convention but in those first two weekshe mccain team thought it is the best thing they haveappened they turned aroundhe polls and raising money and a drawing crowds that mccain have never drawn and then they had the confluence of the economic collapse and the katie couric interviewed and those to seal the fate. of economic clapse was ultimately the far more
1:58 am
significant factor but there was no question what happened toyrup and had a huge impact on her since then and going forward. >> just adding one thing about sarah palin one of the great miscalculations made, they were desperate. they thought they were going to lose. they had to do something and they had seen hilly is boaters may be going away from all, but that is part ofhe question. but women did not take that kily. it was also that day of the qtr improprieties as we say in the book, they did not that her for the possibility to be president of the united states. >> i think the whole campaign change direction with the celebrity ads about obama. mccain got ay from his own message which was his life story and got people
1:59 am
intested in obama. am i right? >> i am not sure would agree. the celebrity ads were a great summer diversion with a campaign that longview the vocational diversions that do not mean a lot. the mccain people rlize what they were doing. their view is he had come back from the trip which was a extraordinary 10 day trip. he was soaring and they looked at him and steve schmidt said a good candidate may get 25 for 30,000 feet in terms of how well they are doing and being treated in t press but bill clinton at his best was 25,000, and john mccain 2000 was their barack obama and it is at 50,000 and we had to do something, we could not bring m down. so e had e


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